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Commando Hindi Movie Subtitles Srt

Commando Hindi Movie Subtitles Srt



Commando Hindi Movie Subtitles Srt

Maawal 1/03/03
From :
Texas A&M University
News Service
March 1, 2003
More People Are Moving To Texas
More people are moving to Texas than moving out, not because the state is becoming a magnet for the restless, nor because Texas is on the upswing of a long run as one of America’s few hot states.
There are simply more Texans moving to the state than are moving out. As immigration slowly slows, domestic migration to Texas has surged to twice its former level.
The latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show that 2,071,000 people moved to Texas, compared with 930,000 who left the state. The state's net gain of 1,141,000 residents equals the population of Athens, Greece, and is about the same as the population of San Francisco.
Over the past two decades, Texas has drawn about 1,000,000 new residents.
Private companies helping to fuel the shift are also making Texas a "magnet" for job seekers, said Melinda Dew, executive director of the Greater Houston Partnership, the city's economic development agency.
"We definitely see more job seekers moving to the state than moving out," Dew said. "It's a trend that's consistent on a monthly basis."
Adding to the high demand for high-paying jobs is the recent influx of foreign-born workers, especially Mexicans.
According to the census, there were 2.4 million Mexicans who lived in Texas in 2000 and accounted for 8% of the state’s total population.
In 1980, there were fewer than 1.6 million Mexican-born residents and accounted for 2% of the population.
The census estimates that 1.7 million people moved to Texas from other countries, accounting for only 3.4% of the state's total population.
Over the last two decades, the number of foreign-born Texans has doubled to 4.8 million.
Minority population
Increasingly, residents are of Mexican and Chinese origin.
The census projects that by 2008, 5.9 million residents will be foreign born, or 11% of the state's total population.
That would be nearly triple the number of foreign-born residents in 2000.
The majority of foreign-born residents are from Mexico, where the numbers are growing at a rapid clip, though a relatively small number of Brazilians have also

PTO Army
Capitain, Airborne Ranger.
Marine Infantry.
British Military Qn.
French Royal Marines in Afghanistan.
Indian Mar.

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How do I get the width of a specific side of a div?

I have a div with CSS

I'd like to be able to get a percentage width (e.g. 22.2%) of a specific side of the div (ie the side of the div that fits in the width of a number 11 on a calculator), so if I have a 5 x 11 calculator, I want to get the 22.2% width of the third side (the side that requires a number 11 to be on top).
I know the width of the div, but the (x side, y side) of the number 11, so how can I take that into consideration?


I would do this:
var width = 22 * 11;

Then, for example, for the left side, which is 22px, you could do:
var leftWidth = 22 * 11;


Put the number 11 on the top of a piece of paper and measure the width of the paper to find what percentage of width is 11. The calculation would be 11 * width / totalWidth = %


If you only know the total width of the div, you can use the querySelectorAll() method to get a list of all divs, and then use querySelector() on a list of divs to get a list of the divs you want. Finally, you can get the property you want, as well as all of the width/height properties, from this one element.
var d = document.querySelectorAll('div');

for(var i = 0; i Q:

Reformatting and replacing of a string

I have a string in python which contains a lot of string like #00:00:00:04#
, #00:00:00:00#
, #00:00:00:04#


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