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How to Save Lives With Fleet Management Software

Did you know? Road accidents claim about 1.3 million lives a year? Most of them can be avoided by avoiding distracted driving. April is the Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Therefore, we will want to spread awareness about ways you can avoid it with the help of fleet management software.

Everyone, including fleet managers, needs to be vigilant of driving behavior and should focus on training drivers into staying safe. Therefore, in this article, let us learn some ways in which you can make your fleet as accident-free as possible.

What is Distracted Driving?

Any instance of your driver’s attention being diverted from the road can be considered distracted driving. It can include anything from speaking on the phone, drinking, talking, texting, checking maps, or even fiddling with the music player. Anything that demands a driver’s attention over the road is distracted driving.

One of the biggest threats while driving is texting. It takes longer than other activities and needs the driver’s mind and eyes to be diverted. Therefore, even if the driver is diverted for 5 seconds at 55 mph, they already go way ahead and can get into a crash.

How to Avoid Distracted Driving With Fleet Management Systems? 

Sure, you cannot control where your driver’s mind roams. However, there are a few things you can do with software aid that will help you get rid of distracted driving in your fleet. Let us discuss them below:

  • Be Omnipresent: A great way to safeguard your fleet is by being present at all times. Track your fleet in real-time with vehicle tracking software and also ensure that you know some basic geospatial information. Being omnipresent might help you prevent accidents before they can occur.

  • Stay Omniscient: Knowing what your drivers are up to while driving and how well your vehicle is performing is another great way of saving lives through your telematics software. After all, a healthy vehicle will keep the driver more engaged because of the smooth drive, right?

  • Video Telematics: Video telematics is crucial to safeguard your fleet. With dash cams that both face the road and the driver, you can tell what they are up to in real-time. In case drivers get distracted, your fleet management software can send alerts and if you can see some danger on the road, you can alert your distracted drivers promptly.

  • Driving Patterns: Your fleet management software should be able to give you insights into how your drivers are driving. This means that you can get insights into which drivers have been driving well and which ones indulge in risky driving behavior such as harsh braking, overspeeding, etc.

  • Complete Training: Once you know where your drivers are going wrong, you can train them accordingly. Make sure that you use evidential data to help them improve their performance and increase safety in the fleet. 

Summing Up 

All it takes to save an immense number of lives is being a little careful with driving. If you can keep your drivers from getting distracted while driving and follow the right traffic rules, your fleet will always be safe. 

Feel free to use all the tips that you can follow with your fleet management software to ensure better safety for your drivers. If you’re still looking for the right fleet management software system for your fleet, try TrackoBit, India’s fastest-growing and safest telematics software!

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