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India is a densely populated country. Its residents mostly live in rural areas. Governments have to face a lot of difficulties to provide basic services to them.

These facilities also include banking service. Bank branches may not be everywhere. Therefore, the folks living isolated square measure either bereft of banking services or they need to travel from Tehsil Headquarters to District Headquarters for this.

All these problems were solved by AePS i.e. Aadhar based payment system. Through this, the access of banks has been ensured even in remote areas.

India's most trusted company Digital Bharat Pay, through which you can take advantage of the facility of Aeps

By joining Digital Bharat Pay, you can provide aeps facility to the people near you.

To join Digital Bharat Pay, you have to register on Digital Bharat Paywebsite.

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What is AePS?

AePS is an Aadhaar-based payment system. By which inter-financial banking transaction inclusion is easily done. It has been developed by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) in consultation with Reserve Bank of India and member banks. Its purpose is to provide banking services in unbanked areas.

Areas where there are no bank branches. This Aadhaar-Based Payment System has proved to be a boon for the people of those areas. Because, now the banks have come to them. There is no need for them to go to the bank.

Actually, NePS is used with the help of a bank correspondent (BC). Bank BC has a Micro ATM / PoS machine with which the biometric device is connected.

The customer enters his Aadhaar number and certifies the identity either by thumb or by using a photograph of the iris of the eye by stating the deposit/withdrawal amount. Once the identity is confirmed, the transaction is completed.

AEPS Facilities 

AePS provides both financial and non-financial services to the customers. The details of which are as follows.

1.Cash withdrawal

2.Inter bank fund transfer

3.Mini statement of account

4.Balance inquiry

Requirement for Aeps transaction

1.Aadhar number

2.Account holder's fingerprint or iris photo

3.Bank Mitra or BC – Bank Correspondent

4.Biometric Device

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