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Worklight 7.1 to Deploy to testflight

I try to deploy my new Worklight 7.1 app. But when I deploy it to my iPhone the app works. But if I deploy the app to my testflight it doesn't work. I don't have any error message. I think that the problem is that I have to use a token on my testflight account.
Here are the steps I do to deploy:
1. git clone -b develop the project
2. cd app
3. wlapp deploy -d ios -p mypassword
4. xcodebuild -project [wlp file] -scheme [scheme file] -configuration [configuration file] -archivePath [wlp file]/build/device-ios.xcarchive -parallelizeBuilds YES -archivePath [Build/[configuration file]]/[wlp file]/build/device-ios.xarchive

In the xcodebuild, I'm also using a token in the build command.
I already read the docs in the IBM website but I don't find any useful solution.
Is there someone who can help me?
Thank you.


I finally found the solution. The problem was that the build was right but I had to pass the account with token.
Here are the steps that I do:
1. git clone -b develop the project
2. cd app
3. wlapp deploy -d ios -p mypassword
4. xcodebuild -project [wlp file] -scheme [scheme file] -configuration [configuration file] -archivePath [wlp file]/build/device-ios.xcarchive -parallelizeBuilds YES -token [username_password] -archivePath [Build/[configuration file]]/[w

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